Plea Bargain vs. Trial

To go to trial or take the best deal available is a very personal decision and the right answer is different for everyone.  Generally persons who are more willing to fight, go to trial, and not plead guilty are offered the better outcomes, but if they still refuse they also end up facing tougher jail sentences.

Every case is different, but you should work with your attorney, the facts of your case, and most importantly your personal risk tolerance and make the decision that works for you and you alone.  Once you decide not to go to trial it is a very hard legal decision to undue.  It is very important to weigh the direct consequences, for example jail and probation, and the collateral consequences, for example loss of employment or how the charge may affect your migration status.  Only after you have weighed all of the factors important to you can you decide whether to go to trial or plea bargain.



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