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Do I Need a DUI Defense Attorney?

The Lynch Law Group Attorney at Law is a DUI defense attorney Dekalb County GA drivers turn to when charged with drinking and driving offenses. A DUI is a serious charge. Increase the likelihood of a positive outcome by having a skilled DUI attorney by your side.

You may have questions best answered by a Dekalb County DUI defense attorney. Call our office to speak with Andrew Lynch about your specific case. Answers to common questions about DUIs and the legal process are below.

What is the benefit to talking to a lawyer about my case?

First, as a DUI defense attorney Dekalb County GA drivers turn to in similar circumstances, The Lynch Law Group offers a free initial consultation to those charged with a DUI. It won’t cost you anything to discuss your case during that review. In addition, you may gain very useful insight from an experienced lawyer about the strength of your case. Getting honest feedback from an attorney about defending yourself from DUI charges can be invaluable.

Can a DUI defense attorney in Dekalb County GA reduce my charges?

Depending on the circumstances of your DUI charge, many times an attorney can plea bargain the charges from a DUI to a lesser offense such as reckless driving. Andrew Lynch of The Lynch Law Group has a strong record of doing exactly that for his clients. This is particularly true if your circumstances are such that:

  • Your sobriety test reflected a Blood Alcohol Concentration of .10 or less
  • You do not have prior DUI charges
  • There are no aggravating circumstances such as a hit and run or injuries

I don’t think the field sobriety test was accurate. Can a lawyer help me with that?

Very likely. Field sobriety testing is notorious for being far from perfect. As a DUI defense attorney Dekalb County GA motorists trust, Andrew Lynch has successfully challenged many police procedures, including sobriety tests. It’s very possible that if key evidence is shown to be false, it will be thrown out and your case dismissed. If you feel that evidence or police procedures used in your DUI case are in question, contact our office immediately to schedule a free case review.

I drive for a living. Will a DUI conviction cause me to lose my job?

Very possibly, though it depends on your employer and their insurance company. Your best bet is to do everything possible to avoid a conviction. When you hire a DUI defense attorney Dekalb County GA community members rely on for solid representation, you increase your chances of keeping your job. Andrew Lynch will make every effort to protect your rights and reduce the charges against you. In some cases, it’s possible have the charges dropped altogether. The first step is to contact our office to have your case reviewed.

Legal Representation You Can Count On

If you’ve been charged with a DUI, don’t take chances on representing yourself. We provide a free consultation to those charged with a criminal offense. For a DUI defense attorney Dekalb County GA residents turn to when they need legal representation, contact us today at The Lynch Law Group

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