DUI City of Decatur Municipal Court

The city of Decatur Municipal Court has jurisdiction over all Driving Under the Influence (DUI) cases originated by the Decatur Police Department.  The court is located at 420 W. Trinity Place in downtown Decatur in the same building as the Decatur Police Department.  

Generally speaking, the city of Decatur Prosecutor Mr. Larry Steel has a zero tolerance approach to persons arrested for driving under the influence within the municipal boundaries of the city of Decatur.  Zero tolerance to Mr. Steel means he is going to work to convict you of the pending Driving Under the Influence case.

Defendants upon being arrested by a Decatur police officer will be notified of their arraignment hearing.  An arraignment hearing is your first court appearance.  It is a best practice to hire an attorney to file an Entry of Appearance with Decatur Municipal Court as soon as possible after being released from the Dekalb County Sheriff’s custody.

Prior to court the Decatur Police Department will provide to your attorney, with prior approval from the court, the evidence supporting their case.  In this way very quickly the arresting officer’s work product and investigation can be reviewed for factual weaknesses or technical evidentiary errors that could support your request to have the city of Decatur prosecutor dismiss your pending driving under the influence case or consider a reduction to a lesser charge.

As in all municipalities in Dekalb County, persons facing a driving under the influence criminal charge have a constitutional right to demand a jury trial and have their case “bound over” from the municipal court to the Dekalb County State Court.  The right to jury provides you multiple opportunities to request your pending driving under the influence case be dismissed.

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