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DUI Dunwoody Municipal Court:

If you are facing a driving under the influence (DUI) charge in the city of Dunwoody contact the The Lynch Law Group, P.C. today.  Andrew has been handling DUIs in the city of Dunwoody for years and will put his experience to work for you!

The city of Dunwoody was created in 2008 by the Georgia Legislature.  One of the effects of this creation was the founding of Dunwoody’s Municipal Court.  Dunwoody’s courthouse is located in an office park at 41 Perimeter Center E, Dunwoody, GA 30338.  The court can be reached at (678) 382-6970.

The head prosecutor there is a very tough, even on first lifetime offenders.  Mr. Bill Reilly is the lead prosecutor and generally will be going after a conviction against all persons arrested by the Dunwoody Police for driving under the influence.  Your best of course of action is to contact legal counsel who has experience in the Dunwoody courthouse and knows what can be done to solve your legal problems.

Immediately after being hired, Andrew will begin an investigation into your case to determine what legal or factual weaknesses there are in Mr Reilly’s case.  If your case can be dismissed we will work towards this goal.  If your case needs to be tried to a jury, Andrew will “bind over” your case to the Dekalb State Court.  “Binding the case over” removes the case from the Dunwoody court and restarts the case in the Dekalb County State Court house.

Put Andrew’s experience to work for you!  Contact our office now.


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